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When one of the apartments of an AIMCO-managed property caught fire, it caused wide-reaching damage to its neighboring complex. Many of the 3-story, 8-unit buildings were rendered unlivable, and one question took priority over all the others: “How fast can we get our tenants moved back into their homes?”

PBI stepped in to resolve the following challenges as fast as possible:

  • A tear down and rebuild of the roof system on 2 of the 3 buildings.
  • A tear down and complete rebuild of 3 apartment units with exterior decks.
  • The demolition and rebuild of finishes and mechanicals in 5 units.
  • Partial rebuilds in 8 other units.
  • Repairs to common areas and stairwells.

PBI brought its 30 years of experience in restoration, renovation, and construction to bear on the project. We brought a successful, timely resolution to the project, restoring livable conditions to the complex and enabling tenants to return home and move beyond the incident.

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