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Commercial Construction Services at PBI

Most commercial construction companies want to be known for completing giant projects from the ground up, but for 30 years, we’ve built our reputation by doing something harder.

If you own or manage property, you’re painfully aware that commercial construction isn’t always about brand new, carefully-planned projects.

For existing properties, construction challenges are often:

  1. Urgent – Once a property is in use, your projects need to be finished fast with minimal disruption for tenants and visitors.
  2. Unexpected – Whether it’s due to disaster, a stalled project in need of rescue, properties with construction defects, or a sudden change in your property’s usage, these projects come with little warning requiring a fast response.
  3. Unique – When you build on an existing property, you face unique, complex problems that don’t have easy answers.

To make things worse, commercial construction requires highly-skilled labor, and most qualified companies are unwilling to tackle oddball projects, much less tackle them quickly.

Through PBI, you can:

  • Find a qualified, trusted partner who specializes in speed and obsesses over minimizing disruptions.
  • Find security with a partner who responds to unexpected needs 24/7. Others can take days and weeks to respond while we respond in hours.
  • Find confidence in having a partner who looks forward to unique challenges. That just means we get to innovate and figure it out.

Once our relationship begins, you’ll have a trusted partner for any commercial construction challenge that comes along. Whether it’s restoration, renovation, or construction, you’ll always be one phone call away from a solution.

PBI’s Construction Services Include:

  • General contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Design-build
  • Pre-construction
  • Interior renovations
  • Owner’s representation
  • Tenant fit outs
  • Test-fits
  • Ground-up construction

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