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In the midst of a massive development project in Baltimore, La Cite discovered that 252 condominiums and common areas were in urgent need of remediation and repair.

These units, spread throughout two buildings in the development, had a construction defect that caused mold to grow. There were two factors that created the problem:

  • An HVAC system failed to move air throughout the buildings as intended.
  • In the kitchens and bathrooms, Gyp-Crete was not properly cured before installing the cabinetry and vanities.

It was critical to avoid disrupting the ongoing construction project while also mitigating the costs of repairs. Here’s the solution we developed to address the issue.

  1. Kitchen fixtures, countertops, and backsplashes were removed without breaking the custom-made granite.
  2. Our team was able to remove the backs of the affected cabinets and vanities even though they weren’t manufactured for that capability. PBI cleaned and reinstalled them without damage so that the existing cabinetry could still be used.
  3. Cabinetry, countertops, and backsplashes in the affected units were all restored like new.
  4. PBI placed dehumidifiers and negative air movers throughout the building to address the HVAC issue and prevent further problems.

Our team at PBI combined 30 years of experience in restoration, renovation, and construction to find a creative solution for LA Cite that saved money and kept the overall project moving forward.

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